Harbor Picture - Week 1

Harbor Picture


1/9/20241 min read

During the initial week, students and mentors collaborate to build connections and formulate proposals for the upcoming week. In my case, I'm part of a team with Coleman, Galina, and Nathan. My role centers on FX within the project.

In the brainstorming phase, we delved into various commercial concepts, so we referenced and documented numerous ideas. Ultimately, our team, named Team Death, decided to create a commercial featuring the beverage product "Liquid Death". We try to make the creative commercial to deliver the brand spirit. Therefore, we would like to make the commercial will surprise the target audience, like the "Liquid Death". Our commercial idea is to mislead the audience first, so we try to make our commercial be scary at first, but suddenly switch to the beautiful and energy high-quality beverage commercial, which beverage could make the customer being healthy.

My objective is to incorporate FX into both shot 1 and shot 2. To evoke a chilling ambiance, I plan to simulate a blood-like berry liquid FX for shot 1. Additionally, for shot 2, I aim to craft a demon-like monster representing the brand concept, utilizing Pyro Simulation for smoke and fire effects. I'll intensify the demon's frightening appearance but introduce a twist at the end of shot 2, where its facial expression transforms into a humorous one. Achieving this shift in atmosphere requires a detailed exploration of facial rigging techniques.

Shot 2 FX Test:
Simple Pyro simulation test for the Shot 2.

Shot 1 FX Test:
Simple FLIP simulation test for the Shot 1.

Shot 2 FX Reference: