Harbor Picture - Week 2


1/21/20242 min read

This week, I delved into the intricacies of creating a realistic fire, dedicating time to thorough research on various fire references. One crucial observation was that fire tends to break and exhibit instability at its apex. To address this, I fine-tuned the 'shredding value' for a more authentic representation.

Upon further investigation, I noted that fire typically doesn't have overly intense connections to its source. Consequently, I made adjustments to the Signed Distance Function (SDF), ensuring that the outward-calculated volume was appropriately positioned.

Exterior Band Voxel: 3 (default)

Exterior Band Voxel: 10 (push outward)

Examining diverse references, I observed that many portrayals of fire tend to be almost overexposed. To capture this effect, I meticulously adjusted the visual elements to create a semblance of overexposure. Also, there is the alternative way to adjust the detail of fire.

Less overexpose

More Overexpose



This video gives me lots of ideas on how to shape the fire efficiently.

Week 3 FX Schedule:

I will add more detail of fire like smoke and flaming embers.

Live Action Shooting

This Week we also do the live action shooting for our final hero shot.