Harbor Picture - Week 3

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1/28/20242 min read

The Mantra pyro shader relies on multiple masks to enhance the intricate details of the pyro effect. Nevertheless, the Redshift volume shader give me quite lots of challenges to control, making the result terrible. Consequently, I opted to employ Axiom for crafting the fire, because I need complex volume. Furthermore, Axiom simulate fast and easy to control.

Axiom Test:

Axiom Fundamentals - 18 - Fire with Axiom

Juice simulation render:

Initially, I assigned the "velocity" as "tangents" at each point along the curve. Also, using scatter and points jitter to make it more organic. Subsequently, I employed these points to drive the liquid dynamics.

To ensure the authenticity of the blood-like juice visual effect, I referenced the footage shot during week 2 of production. Hence, I add the 'viscosity' to the Flip Object.

I tested with various approaches to identify the most effective method for rendering liquid in Redshift. I discovered that adjusting the 'refraction' settings proved to be a straightforward yet effective way to attain the desired blood-like juice result.

Live Action Artificial Blood Reference:

Fire Trail Simulation:
Brand Image Liquid Skull Simulation:

I utilized Particle force to drive the fluid's motion. Additionally, I fine-tuned the particle's life expectancy, causing the liquid to exhibit rapid movement initially, followed by a gradual, slowly float in the air.

Live Action Artificial Blood Reference: