Harbor Picture - Week 4

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1/30/20242 min read

Week 4 Goal:

This week mentors gave us valuable feedback.
For the FX part, they suggested me to cooperate with lighting artist to make Shot 1 and Shot 2 looks decent.

FX Goal:

Shot 2 FX: Fire Shredding, embers, smoke, ground burnt

In order to make the Shot 2 FX has more detail. This week I spent time polishing the shot 2 FX, including embers, smoke, and burnt ground mask.

Embers Simulation

Smoke Simulation

To begin with, I used the pop network to craft the particle simulation, enhancing the realism of embers by introducing variability to their lifespan through the application of attribute noise. Additionally, Particle Trail let me precise control over and easy adjustments to the particle trails.

Embers reference:


Moving on to the smoke simulation, I employed the same pyro source as the fire trail, refining the shape by introducing increased 'buoyancy' and 'viscosity' for a more nuanced effect.

Fire Smoke reference:


Burnt Mask:

Lastly, I sought to depict the burnt ground result for the fire FX. To achieve this, I implemented the attribute transfer with solver, generating a burnt mask that was further linked through 'bind export' in point VOP for subsequent material application. This approach ensured a realistic portrayal of the fire FX impact on the ground.