Harbor Picture - Week 6

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2/17/20241 min read

After the feedback from mentors, we decide to cut down shot 1. Therefore, our story could be continuously to intrigue the audience.

Week 6 To-Do List:

Shot 2 -

Polish the spitting skull, don't let the liquid flow into the skull mouth.

High-resolution fire trail simulation.

Shot 5 -

High-res fire simulation.

Place the fire source in the right place, so fire will not affect our hero product.

Shot 2

By following the professor's feedback, I fixed the liquid in the skull's mouth. Also, because the mentor suggest us have longer time for shot 2, so we make shot 2 longer. Therefore, I simulate the new fire with longer time. Also, I did some polish for the shredding of fire FX.

Shot 5

For the shot 5 FX, I simulate the high resolution fire. Also, our team discuss that we shouldn't put too much fire in the second, so I using the time shift to adjust the timing of the fire simulation. Moreover, I tweak the cross fire not to be 'X', so the audience could put more emphasis on the hero object 'Liquid Death'.