Harbor Picture - Week 8

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3/2/20241 min read

Week 8 To-Do List

Shot 5

Foreground Fire:
High-Res Sim

Background Fire:
High-Res Sim
Slow down

After conducting numerous simulation tests, I observed that when utilizing the Axiom plug-in to simulate Pyro scaling down the Pyro effect afterward made shaking result. One potential solution involves precisely setting the initial scale of the pyrotechnic source. However, this approach proves inefficient as it necessitates repetitive simulations. Furthermore, parameters such as temperature, dissipation, and turbulence exhibit extreme sensitivity during small-scale Pyro simulations.

Instead of persisting with small-scale simulations, I discovered a more effective method. By employing a Null object as the Controller to adjust both position and scale at the object level (Top Node). This strategy eliminates the need for re-simulation and ensures smoother adjustments in position and scale.

When I render the fire I found that it shakes a lot.

Preliminary Pyro Test: Position needs to be adjusted

Also, I set up all the FX timing, including Foreground fire, sparks, and background fire.