Harbor Picture - Week 9

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3/7/20241 min read

Week 9 To-Do List

Shot 2
  1. Burnt ground texture to integrate fire with ground

  2. Embers motion blur

Shot 5
  1. More Sparks

  2. Polish the timing of all the Fire FX and Sparks

For the Shot 5 fire, I do lots of test and experiment. I found that the camera distance of the object and the focal length will make the fire look extremely flat. Also, when the foreground fire hit can seem to be weird, because the scene will be extremely bright and messy when fire bounce back from the 'Liquid Death' can.

Hence, I tried to think outside the box, and put the fire emit source to back from the can, so there is more space for the fire to create the depth of field. Moreover, I make the fire explosion when it hit our hero object.